Pressed Juicery Keeps Talent Hydrated in Park City

Pressed offered celebrities and filmmakers at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival relief from the
winter elements with the offering of Pressed Juices with Hydration + and Immunity product line
as well as their wellness and immunity boost drink shots. Talent and Filmmakers in attendance
at the Collider x content studio on Main Street January 19-21, 2024 kept hydrated with
the flavor and product offerings of the Pressed Juice line, such as Jena Malone, Gaby
Hoffmann, Kristen Stewart, Jay Ellis, Caroline D’Amore, Maisy Stella, River Gallo, Riley
Keough, Dylan O’Brien, Simone Ashley, Dave Franco, and many more.

Pressed Juicery is the leading cold-pressed juice and functional wellness brand dedicated to
making healthy living as convenient and delicious as possible. The company's mission is to
pave the way for plant-forward living by making real healthy food accessible to everyone. The
brand offers over 40 delicious varieties of cold-pressed juice, plant-based milks, power-packed
smoothies, health-boosting shots, and revolutionary soft serve made from only fruits, nuts, and
vegetables. Pressed operates over 110 Pressed Juicery retail stores in nine states, and is
available in nearly 3,000 locations through its wholesale partners and can be purchased directly
from their website to any location within the U.S. For a complete list of locations where Pressed
is available, please visit and follow Pressed on Facebook @pressedjuicery on
Instagram & Twitter.