Prostart Chefs-In-Training From Silverado High School’s Restaurant


Restaurant Open Most Thursdays to the Public with ProStart High School Students Preparing
and Serving Lunch

Students are Mentored by Executive Chef Christopher Bulen
from Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge

Prostart Chefs-In-Training From Silverado High School’s RestaurantDuring select Thursdays of the month*, Silverado High School is transformed into a restaurant that is open to the public. “The Gallery at Silverado” is run by students from ProStart®, a nationwide, two-year high school program that unites the classroom and industry to develop the best and brightest talent into tomorrow’s restaurant and foodservice leaders; more than 80 percent of enrolled Silverado students work in the culinary industry after high school graduation. From 10:45 a.m. to 11:20 a.m., the general public can experience a 3-course meal. There is no charge for the meal, but donations are encouraged. Menus are changed seasonally with special courses created for holidays with the dishes created to be aligned with the weekly curriculum.
Prostart Chefs-In-Training From Silverado High School’s Restaurant
The proceeds from the restaurant are used for the nine Silverado High School students who will be competing as a team in the National ProStart Invitational, the country’s premier high school competition focused on restaurant management and culinary arts, from April 28 through May 2 in Dallas. The top 10 winning schools will split $1.5 million in scholarships. Silverado has competed nearly every year at the national level since 2002. Since that year, Silverado students have been awarded more than $1.5 million with each student winning $52,000 in scholarships when they competed at the state level and $14 million at the national level.

Among the ProStart students’ mentors is Christopher Bulen, executive chef, Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge. He became involved in 2013. This tradition was passed onto him by André Rochat who had participated in the program since 2009.

“I come to the school every two weeks to help the students fine-tune their skills for muscle memory and technique,” says Chef Bulen. “This is a very intense, hands-on program that is preparing these students in ways that would make them valuable to any restaurant post-graduation.”

For high-res pictures of students preparing meals and interiors of restaurant, click here.

The Gallery is open Monday through Friday. Silverado High School is located at 1650 Silver Hawk Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123. To book a reservation and see upcoming menus, call (702) 799-5790, ext 3300 to make your reservation or email Ann Taylor at They also have a GoFundMe campaign