Rapper Sharpey Major shares his favorite food

Rapper Sharpey Major shares his favorite food

Outspoken rapper Sharpey Major has made no secret of his love for the casual beverage here and there after all what can be expected from a man of his calibre.Rapper Sharpey Major shares his favorite food

He spoke to us about some of his favorite foods and beverages in a candid little sit down and even admitted that he does cook every once in a while (that’s right ladies he is a genius in the kitchen too)

Appetizers, he warms up his appetite with a selection of: Garlic bread, Mozzarella dippers and Prawns and lettuce.

For mains it’s a solid meat filled feast as he indulges in Steak and chips, Chicken and chips or Ceaser salads

Round it all up Deserts often include ice cream in Strawberry flavor.

The star will sure have as much time to stuff his face in this summer before he continues filming scenes for his rap TV show. Asked whether he will try and step into the kitchen whilst filming scenes for his TV show the star refused to comment.