Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

What is summer without a cool drink in hand? With the season in full swing and fruits packed with antioxidants at the peak of freshness, the mixologists at Bonefish Grill have created two cocktail recipes:

  • Summer Kiwi Smash
  • Fresh Watermelon Martini

Summer Kiwi Smash

The Smash is a classic cocktail dating back to the 1860’s that is made for hot days, using what is on hand, and smashing it all together for pure sipping bliss.

Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

1.5 oz of Your Favorite Tequila
3 Kiwi slices
5 Mint Leaves
.50 oz of Simple Syrup
.50 oz ofFresh Lemon Juice

Combine the kiwi, mint leaves and simple syrup in a glass and muddle well. Add your favorite tequila and fresh lemon juice. Shake and strain into a tall glass filled with ice! Garnish with a fresh kiwi slice.

Secrets to Shake it Up:

A smash has four main ingredients:
A Spirit Base, a Seasonal Fruit,
Sugar and Mint or another herb.

So get creative and have fun mixing it up!
Strawberry or Watermelon, Basil and instead of tequila use Vodka or Gin!
Blackberries, Mint and Rum!
Mango, Basil and your favorite Bourbon!
If you want a “WOW” garnish add an edible flower on top!
Crushed ice would make this drink a nice frosty treat!


The Fresh Watermelon Martini

Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes1.5 oz of Your Favorite Vodka
2 Cucumber Slices
2 cubes of Fresh Watermelon
.25 oz of Simple Syrup
.50 oz of Fresh Sour Mix

Combine the watermelon cubes, cucumber slices and simple syrup in a glass and muddle well. Add your favorite vodka, and fresh sour mix. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass! Garnish with frozen watermelon cubes or a fresh cucumber slice.

Secrets to Shake it Up:
Really impress your friends by making your own refreshing cucumber vodka!
Slice a cucumber and place in your favorite vodka and allow to infuse for 24- 48 hours.
If you like your cocktails on the sweeter side add a bit more simple syrup.

Like Margaritas?
Substitute Tequila for Vodka
and increase your sour mix to 1.5 ounce,
shake and strain over ice into a glass with a salt rim!