RumChata’s One Million Cases Help Generate More Than $420 Million in Retail Revenue

RumChata’s One Million Cases Help Generate More Than $420 Million in Retail RevenueAs consumers continue to cheer the great taste of RumChata, bars, restaurants, and liquor retailers keep celebrating as well.

The millionth case of RumChata shipped last week, all in less than five years since RumChata first hit the shelves. Every case of RumChata equates to highly profitable opportunities as the hot-selling brand’s popularity with consumers keeps gathering momentum.

“We have maintained our premium pricing and price integrity so that everyone can make a fair profit on a very hot brand,” said Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender.  “Smart vendors are featuring RumChata both on menus and on shelves and are reaping the benefits.”

On-premise, RumChata has generated approximately $250 million in revenue that includes an estimated $45 million in tips to bartenders and staff.  Off-premise, RumChata has generated more than $170 million in revenue, resulting in more than $36 million in gross profit.

Adding more evidence of RumChata’s impact to the industry, the award-winning brand was recently singled out in an article in Shanken News Daily that stated, “In fact, nearly all of cream liqueurs’ recent growth has come from a single brand – RumChata.”

About RumChata
RumChata is available in all 50 states, the Caribbean and Canada at an average retail price of $19.95 US.  Find hundreds of food and drink recipes at and find them on Twitter.