Snack Creator My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Announces Triple Layer Innovation 

Category Leader, My/Mo, Unveils Triple Layer Items Joining their Line of
Fan-Favorite, Portable, Poppable Mochi Ice Cream Snacks

Snack Creator My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Announces Triple Layer Innovation My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, America’s fastest-growing frozen novelty brand, is thrilled to announce a new triple layer innovation rolling out in grocery retailers nationwide in early 2019. The new items contain their traditional pillowy mochi dough exterior wrapped around premium ice cream with a new taste bud tantalizing center layer, a feature never before included in My/Mo’s line of frozen snacks.

Since launching in Spring 2017, My/Mo has built a snacking platform centered around the mouthwatering combination of mochi dough and premium ice cream and, in less than two years’ time, has launched three innovative product ranges (My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, My/Mo Non-Dairy and Vegan Cashew Cream Frozen Desserts and My/Mo Ice Cream with Mochi Bits).

Snack Creator My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Announces Triple Layer Innovation Quickly winning the hearts and taste buds of American snackers, Mochi Ice Cream is now the fastest growing segment of the Frozen Novelty Market, according to IRI, a retail sales measurement company. My/Mo is the undisputed category leader, with an 80% market share and retail availability in over 12,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

“My/Mo continues to grow at an extraordinary pace and the consumer adaption is truly unparalleled,” explains CEO Craig Berger. “For us, innovation means surprising consumers with the new and unexpected. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream fans are eager for the next snacking sensation and we are here to deliver!”

Introducing the new third layer center is made possible by adding new technology and expanding manufacturing capabilities to keep up with consumer demands. The latest offerings satisfy sensory cravings through some of Americas favorite flavor combinations.

“The Frozen Novelty Category had been ripe for innovation and My/Mo brought excitement back to the category with the creation of a handheld, portion-controlled snack platform that consumers didn’t even know they needed,” said Russell Barnett CMO. “With this launch, we wanted to take it a step further to really ‘wow’ snack fanatics with new flavors and textures.”

The new lineup will debut in the New Year and include the following four flavor combinations:

Chocolate Sundae: An inside out version of our favorite dessert! Premium vanilla bean ice cream covered in chocolate-flavored mochi dough “topped” with a cherry center

Chocolate Peanut Butter : Premium chocolate ice cream surrounded by sweet mochi dough and a center of peanut butter delight

Vanilla Blueberry: Delicious vanilla bean ice cream wrapped with sweet mochi dough with a surprise blueberry center

Dulce de Leche: Sweet mochi dough wrapped around creamy coffee ice cream with a perfectly gooey center of caramel

About My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream
Headquartered in Los Angeles, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is a miraculous match of magnificent mochi dough with marvelously mouthwatering ice cream. Available in a variety of fan favorite flavors, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream gives snackers a colorful and flavorful new way to experience ice cream in a handheld, naturally portion controlled way. Made from the very best ingredients, always gluten free and rBST free, My/Mo’s offerings range from poppable and delicious ice cream wrapped in sweet rice mochi dough with dairy and vegan offerings, as well as the newly released My/Mo Ice Cream pints filled with pillowy mochi bits. These mind-blowing snacks come from master mochi makers who methodically mix and meld the mushy mochi with milky, melty ice cream. The result? A majestic marriage of mesmerizing flavors that’ll make you say, “Mmmmore!” For more information visit