Southern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers

Southern Pride BBQ Pits and SmokersSouthern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers, the industry leader in the commercial smoker world, is pleased to showcase their newest edition, SRG-400, at the 2014 National Restaurant Association (NRA) May 17-20 at McCormick Place. The SRG-400 compact, gas-fired, wood burning, stationary rack smoker offers a 400lb capacity and fits through a standard 36² doorway and under a standard depth hood allowing it to be placed in most any existing location.

The SRG-400 takes the guesswork out of smoking, easily adding smoked flavor to any menu. Stainless steel construction, single product door, two-speed convection fan system, seven nickel chrome flat racks, two inch insulated wall construction and removable rack slides are standard.
The adjustable moisture infusion system and digital cook and hold controls provide perfect smoked foods.

The removable rack slide system allows for infinite flexibility in spacing of product racks accommodating 27 flat racks measuring 18²x26² each at the minimum spacing of 1.5² producing 87.75 square feet of cook surface.

The air delivery system is a combination of an air over wood burning firebox and two speed convection fan with air channels designed to provide even temperature and air flow throughout the cabinet. With the pass-through system upgrade, the smoker offers the option to load and unload products from either side, keeping the smoker fully loaded, increasing workflow and throughput.

The SRG-400 works as a fully functional smoker but may also serve as a holding cabinet for cooked meats and side items. The SRG-400 provides robust cooking capacities of 42 pork butts, 65 St. Louis ribs, 72 whole chickens, 21 beef briskets or 52 spare ribs without sacrificing space or flavor. Optional features include a dual product door system, single or dual door pass-through system, glass display doors, stainless steel vertical rib racks, additional 18²x26² nickel chrome flat racks and vertical rib racks increasing capacity to 91 ribs per cook.

Southern Pride BBQ Pits and SmokersThe MLR-150 received the Kansas City Barbecue Society¹s Seal of Approval by offering an upgrade package to make it entirely competition ready. The optional competition upgrade package includes a gas cut-off switch, charcoal grate and gravity drip moisture infusion system. The gas cut-off switch disables the gas flow while still allowing the burner blower to supply air to stoke the solid fuel located in the firebox. This allows the smoker to remain thermostatically controlled without the use of gas. The specially designed charcoal grate that is inserted in the fire box allows the use of solid fuel as the only heat source.

A gravity drip moisture infusion system introduces moisture into the cooking chamber by dripping on the firebox. This drip system provides more consistent heat distribution, produces a higher yield product and helps prevent the product from becoming dry.

The MLR-150 rotisserie smoker delivers all the high-quality characteristics that have made Southern Pride the industry leader in the commercial smoker world including:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • self-basting rotisserie system
  • thermostatically controlled cooking chamber
  • air-over wood burning fire box design maximizes smoke while minimizes the wood needed for each cooking cycle
  • gas fired electronic ignition system that eliminates the need to light the wood manually
  • recirculating convection air
  • convection fan clean out door
  • subthertermic flue enhances the infusion of the delicious smoke flavor

The MLR-150 holds 46 whole chickens (3-4lbs each) in one cook cycle when utilizing the chicken 12-spit system which comes standard with each unit. This compact model measures 33²W x 58²D x 64²H and can fit through a standard 36² door frame. Providing robust cooking capacities of 24 pieces of pork butts, 24 sides of St. Louis style ribs, 8 whole beef briskets or 80 pounds of chicken wings in one cook cycle!

The MLR-150 can be configured in a traditional rear flue application or in a uniquely Southern Pride front flue offering that maximizes ventilation efficiency when equipped with the Southern Pride VSP hood system. Our front flue design reduces both gas and wood consumption during the cook cycle, while increasing smoke exposure.
This unit is available stationary, trailer mounted or competition cart configurations. All configurations are available to be shipped common carrier.

Southern Pride BBQ Pits and SmokersThe thermostat-controlled, compact SC-200 model is known for its versatility in barbecuing, smoking, roasting and also serving as a holding oven. The dual woodchip boxes with a double smoker element allow for even greater control of food’s smoke profile. Various flavors such as hickory, pecan and mesquite can be loaded into each side of the woodchip box to enhance and compliment the smoke profile. The 300-watt smoking element allows for easy cold smoking operations as well.

With the Digital Cook and Hold control system, it is fully automatic, easy to clean and easy to operate. This electric smoker opens up an entirely new set of menu opportunities for restaurant and catering application.

All Southern Pride smokers are double wall stainless steel construction and fully insulated, requiring low energy consumption that is easily moved and cleaned. The full product line has capacities ranging from approximately 200 to 2,000 pounds of product per cook cycle.

Southern Pride was founded in 1976 when Mike Robertson and his father, B.B., hand built and marketed their first rotisserie and smoker. Today, some 20,000 rotisseries and smokers later, Southern Pride laser cuts, bends and forms their own stainless steel and assembles every element of the cookers, still by hand in their 117,000 square foot manufacturing headquarters in Alamo, TN.