Sushi Roku’s 18th Anniversary

The pioneer of modern sushi
Celebrates it’s 18th Year AnniversarySushi Roku’s 18th Anniversary


Sushi Roku’s 18th AnniversaryWith International Sushi Day (Thursday, June 18) around the corner, the pioneer of modern sushi in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku, is celebrating the restaurant’s 18th anniversary. With the Forum Shops restaurant, three locations in Los Angeles (West Hollywood, Pasadena, and Santa Monica), and another at the W in Scottsdale, the Innovative Dining Group’s Sushi Roku showcases internationally inspired Japanese cuisine made with the finest fish from around the globe from traditionally trained craftsmen.

For International Sushi Day on Thursday, June 18, Sushi Roku will offer a Special Ume for $18 , featuring:

    • Tuna – avocado, cream cheese, sesame oil, sesame seed
    • Yellowtail – salsa fresca, mizore, arare
    • Salmon – mango, yuzu foam, ikura, ponzu
    • Shrimp – cucumber, amazu, lemon zest, radish
    • Halibut – red yuzu kosho, olive oil, sea salt, micro shiso
    • Albacore – garlic nikiri soy, aji amarillo, scallion, fried onion


Sushi Roku’s 18th AnniversaryUnder the guidance of Chef Haru, Sushi Roku continues to innovate with unexpected techniques and ingredients—such as Jalapeños from Latin America, French Black Truffles, and Italian cheeses—while remaining true to the fundamentals of sushi making: quality, simplicity, and purity. A few notable facts about the iconic brand include:

  • Sushi Roku offers a variety of off-menu or “insider” menu items for those in-the-know. Truffle lovers can order Truffle Soy Sauce and Black Truffle Hand Rolls
  • Sushi Roku offers a gluten-free menu including housemade soy and ponzo sauces
  • Sushi Roku’s uni is sourced from a 41-year old family run business in Santa Barbara. New to the menu is Blue Crab Tartare with Uni & Caviar and Uni Udon
  • The chefs recommend marinating cuts of meat 3x for maximum flavor
  • Sushi Roku has three certified sake sommeliers and its own sake label, “Junmai Roku” with Suehiro Brewery in Japan

Sushi Roku’s 18th AnniversarySushi Roku combines the finest, freshest fish from pristine waters around the globe with the kind of artistry that can only be provided by a mature sushi chef ensuring superlative traditional sushi, together with a splash of California innovation.