The Best NYC Street Food: Pit Stops You Need To Make

So, you have taken it upon yourself to journey to the city that never sleeps, New York City.  NYC is the concrete city where dreams are made of, however what is a city that cultivates dreams if it doesn’t provide some great food stops along the journey? NYC has long been known for the great street food that it provides, and just in case you are not aware of the best stops to visit here, we have done all the hard work for you.


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Mama Jo’s

First up on our list is Mama Jo’s cooking breakfast cart. Mama Jo’s is a first generation business that has been run by Jo herself and has remained in the same location for over 60 years. You will find everything from a hearty selection of pastries and coffee, to fry ups, bagels and omelets. Voted as NYC’s best breakfast cart, Mama Jo has the reputation for being the sweetheart of the block, and many have been continuously going to her every single day for decades. She has really managed to warm the local’s hearts and create an unbreakable bond with all those who have travelled and made sure to make a stop at her cart. 


If you want to get a breakfast to-go while being a tourist across the city, find Mama Jo herself on the corner of NW 47th Park Avenue. Her stall is the perfect stop, especially if sitting in restaurants is not what you are looking to take from the urban hotspot that is NYC.

Korilla BBQ

One of the most famous hotspots within New York during lunch hour, E 47th street Park Avenue boasts the presence of the loud tiger stripped meal truck. The cuisine here is tex-mex meaning you need to expect burritos with a hint of korean style meats. The popular favourite here is the braised pork shoulder with ginger chicken, which has managed to get over 28,000 reposts as one of the most unique and tasty food combinations in all of New York. When the people of NYC speak, you know they are onto something hot. Kimchi is definitely on the menu here.


Milk Truck 

The final iconic stop we wanted to mention was the Milk Truck, also known as the sunshine yellow food truck by locals. This food cart serves everything that is traditional about America. Comfort foods such as mac and cheese, turkey chilli and cheese, as well as a jarlsberg grilled cheese! If you are feeling low and are needing a little pick me up with all the trimmings on the side (and hefty portions by the way), Milk Truck is the food stop you need to get yourself to pronto. Head onto E 27th Street Park Avenue and live the American food dream.