The Hunt for Healthy Food in Vegas

Las Vegas is often pinned as junk food heaven. An excuse to totally overindulge. Whether it’s slot machines, go-go dancers, or the hotel buffet, everything is turned up to eleven. However, whilst a lot of this is true, it is possible to find healthier options – you just have to know where to look.

Fitness fanatics and devoted dieters shouldn’t be deterred from a visit to the City of Sin. There are plenty of ways to stick to the meal plan, without compromising on fun or flavor.

Nobu, Caesar’s Palace

For some, a trip to Vegas means one thing. A night of poker. If you live to deepen your understanding of the mechanics of the game, but you also want to catch a delicious and healthy bite to eat, then Nobu at Caesar’s Palace is the place to be. Caesar’s Palace is known for being up there with the most luxurious and quintessential Vegas experiences. It’s no surprise to find out then that the famous Nobu brand has its own restaurant there.

Nobu is a great choice for those who are watching their weight, as dishes are absolutely packed with interesting textures and powerful flavors. This winning combination means that portions can be small, but you’ll still feel as though you’ve had a real treat. Focusing on quality over all else is key for Nobu, and this philosophy can be tasted in all of their dishes.

Salads often get a bad rap, but the sashimi salad is one of the most decadent items on the menu. Similarly, we all know how delicious but devilishly calorific deep-fried dishes can be. Nobu’s wonderfully light rock shrimp tempura proves that deep-fried is not synonymous with fatty. This dish is crisp, sweet and the perfect treat for those looking for something decadent, but healthy.

True Food Kitchen, Summerlin

True Food Kitchen has a couple of locations in Vegas, one at the aforementioned Caesar’s Palace, and the other in downtown Summerlin. Their Summerlin spot has been open the longest and offers a plethora of brilliant options for the health-conscious. One comes in the form of their ‘family meal’. These large meals are designed to be shared between two, four, or six people, so if you’re dining with friends who have larger appetites, they can have a little more and you can have a little less. It also means that you can all try more dishes, which has got to be a winner for any foodie.

The other wonderful thing about eating at True Food Kitchen is that their entire philosophy is based around food making you feel better. We all know that a chocolate and caramel doughnut feels good at the time and then feels lousy half an hour later. The menu here is full of fresh produce, grass-fed and organically reared meats and wild-caught fish. Whatever you choose, regardless of size, you’re going to be consuming ‘good calories’, the kind of food that nourishes your body and leaves you feeling satiated.

The steak tacos feel like the ultimate treat meal, with top-quality steak, creamy avocado, the piquant hit of chimichurri, and a delicious quick pickle. Even their desserts are delicious. Don’t write off chia pudding as a fad until you’ve tried theirs!

Skinny Fats, Warm Springs Road

This one is perfect for those who are vacationing with friends who aren’t as health-conscious. Skinny Fats literally divide the menu in half, with one side for the virtuous and the other side for the… less so. The healthy side of the menu is made entirely of dishes that come in at 600 calories or fewer. Whilst it may seem like this restaurant is a disaster for those prone to food envy, the quality of the ‘skinny side’ of the menu ensures that envy is kept at bay. You can enjoy favorites such as Buffalo wings, but instead of fried chicken, its smokey cauliflower topped with Buffalo sauce, Pico de Gallo and lots of lime.

For those who have done enough self-reflection to know they can’t sit by and watch their friends tuck into a burger when they’ve only got a salad, Skinny Fats is a blessing. Their ‘Between the Buns’ section of the menu features healthy options that are still super satisfying. The Cranburkey burger features a lean but juicy turkey patty, topped with arugula, the obligatory onion and tomato, and a sweet cranberry yogurt. It hits all of the flavor profiles we crave; sweet, sour, umami and salty. Oh, and it comes in at 470 kcal. Skinny Fats, we salute you.