The Perfect Dad’s Day Gift: BBQ for Dummies Book+Ribs Shipped to Your Door

This Father’s Day, cook up something special for dad with Davila’s BBQ and Peg Leg Porker. For the dads who want BBQ straight to their door so they don’t have to go to the store, can watch the game on the couch and simply grill out back, Goldbelly ships mesquite-smoked beef brisket, pork ribs, and lamb ribs from anywhere in the country for a savory Davila’s selection. Perfectly pre-seasoned and smoked, all you have to do is throw them in the oven for the easiest Father’s Day celebration ever. Peg Leg Porker also ships their ‘cue through Goldbelly, known for addictive sauces and juicy, smoked-to-perfection pork ribs drenched with a spicy dry rub after they are cooked.

For those dads who actually want to learn how to cook this Father’s Day, get him Davila’s Cowboy Barbecue: Fire & Smoke from the Original Texas Vaqueros cookbook to learn traditions of the vaqueros, the Latin American cattle herders who once roamed the plains of Texas and Mexico, and stories of the Tejano community through food.

If your dad has no idea how to cook but wants to learn, get him Bringle’s guide, BBQ for Dummies by Peg Leg Porker, the ins and outs to be a professional pitmaster, featuring over 50 recipes for marinades, rubs, injections, sauces, and more, with tried-and-true advice on barbecuing and smoking.

You will find something for every type of dad this Father’s Day with these two brands, so make sure to order these essentials for the perfect summer BBQ experience on his special day!


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Davila’s BBQ, Seguin, Texas’s barbecue from award-winning, third-generation pitmaster Adrian Davila balances sweet and smoky heat with a distinct Latino influence, characterized by Native American cooking techniques from the South Texas region.


Peg Leg Porker, Nashville’s must-stop barbecue spot for locals and tourists alike.

Bringle is the only award-winning pitmaster and Bourbon ager in the world. To get his bourbon’s signature flavor, he starts with a Tennessee bourbon. Then, he filters it through hickory charcoal that he burns down in his pits at Peg Leg Porker. Working with smoke every day, Bringle understands it just like any other ingredient and uses its smoothness to add depth in barbecue and bourbon. His signature series features a 4-6 Year White Label, 8-Year Grey Label, 12-Year Black Label, and a 15-Year Pitmasters Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon.