The James Beard Foundation® announced today its 2022 Media Award Nominees in advance of the returning James Beard Awards® ceremonies presented by Capital One. The full list of nominees, which includes Book, Broadcast Media, and Journalism, can be found below and on the James Beard Foundation website.


The nominees were announced today during a live ceremony at Pier 57 within Hudson River Park in New York City, hosted by James Beard Foundation’s Clare Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer; Fred Seegal, Board Chairman; Kris Moon, President and Chief Operating Officer; and Dawn Padmore, Vice President of Awards.


Special guests of the Foundation: Lynn Osmond, President and CEO and Rose Horcher, Vice President, Client Services of Choose Chicago; and reception chefs David Brinkman; and Raymond Zamanta Mohan and Leticia “Skai” Young, LoLo’s Seafood Shack, NYC.


Reichenbach made opening remarks and highlighted this year’s theme, “Gather for Good,” building on the Foundation’s mantra of Good Food for Good®. Nominees were announced in real-time on the James Beard Foundation Twitter feed (@beardfoundation). This is the first time in the Foundation’s history that an event was held dedicated to the Media Award Nominee announcement.


“We are thrilled to recognize the 2022 Media Award Nominees in their own right and celebrate each of their outstanding accomplishments and talents in their respective fields,” said Clare Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer, James Beard Foundation. “Each Nominee has set a standard of excellence, innovation, and creativity in their work, and the James Beard Foundation looks forward to recognizing the award winners at the Media Awards ceremony in June, the first time the ceremony will be held in Chicago, alongside the Leadership Awards and Restaurant and Chef Award ceremonies.”

“Chicago is full of culinary talent with an unmatched passion for food and drink, and we are delighted that, for the first time, the James Beard Foundation’s Media Awards ceremony will be held here,” said Lynn Osmond, incoming President and CEO of Choose Chicago.

The James Beard Awards, considered to be among the nation’s most prestigious honors, recognize exceptional talent in the culinary and food media industries, as well as a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive.


“I am thrilled to see the list of talented nominees this year for the Media Awards,” said Tanya Holland, Chef, Trustee, and Awards Committee Chair. “Their work has contributed to telling the diverse stories of people, cultures and traditions behind food in America and are examples of excellence in food media.”
The voting process for all Media Awards programs can be viewed here.


“We applaud the Foundation for releasing its first dedicated announcement for Media Awards nominees, and for its commitment to equity and inclusion,” said Jamila Robinson, Chair of the James Beard Foundation’s Journalism Awards program, on behalf of the chairs of the Media Awards committees. “It affirms the critical role the media has in shaping the industry. This year also marks the first time each program will honor a winner in the Emerging Voice category. These are individuals who, so early in their careers, demonstrate their ability to make an impact in their respective fields.”


Book Award Nominees


The James Beard Foundation began giving out Book Awards in 1990. Cookbooks and other non-fiction food- or beverage-related books that were published in English in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021 were eligible to enter the 2022 James Beard Book Awards. Books from foreign publishers must bear a 2020 or 2021 U.S. copyright date. Publishers, editors, and authors submit their books for consideration in one of the Book Award categories. More information about Book Award eligibility can be viewed here.


The 2022 Book Award Nominees are: 


Baking and Desserts

Books with recipes focused on breads, pastries, and other desserts.


Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking

Cheryl Day

(Artisan Books)


Mooncakes and Milk Bread: Sweet and Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries

Kristina Cho

(Harper Horizon)


Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution

Roxana Jullapat

(W.W. Norton & Company)


Beverage with Recipes

Books with recipes focused on beverages, such as cocktails, beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea or juices.


Death & Co Welcome Home: A Cocktail Recipe Book

Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, and David Kaplan with Devon Tarby and Tyson Buhler

(Penguin Random House)


The Japanese Art of the Cocktail

Masahiro Urushido and Michael Anstendig

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)


The Way of the Cocktail: Japanese Traditions, Techniques, and Recipes

Julia Momosé with Emma Janzen

(Penguin Random House)


Beverage without Recipes

Books without recipes that focus on beverages, such as cocktails, beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, or juices; or books that cover these subject areas where recipes are not the focus of cooking, not just a single topic, technique, or region.


Foot Trodden: Portugal and the Wines that Time Forgot

Simon J. Woolf and Ryan Opaz

(Interlink Books)


Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol

Mallory O’Meara

(Hanover Square Press)


The Noble Rot Book: Wine from Another Galaxy

Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew




Books with recipes that address a broad scope of cooking, not just a single topic, technique, or region.


Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, Recipes, and Stories

Nigella Lawson



Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes (And Love My Microwave)

David Chang and Priya Krishna

(Clarkson Potter)


Everyone’s Table: Global Recipes for Modern Health

Gregory Gourdet with JJ Goode

(Harper Wave)



Books with recipes focused on food or cooking traditions of countries, regions, or communities outside of the United States.


Falastin: A Cookbook

Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley

(Ten Speed Press)


In Bibi’s Kitchen: The Recipes and Stories of Grandmothers from the Eight African Countries that Touch the Indian Ocean

Hawa Hassan with Julia Turshen

(Ten Speed Press)


Ripe Figs: Recipes and Stories from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus

Yasmin Khan

(W.W. Norton & Company)


Reference, History, and Scholarship

Includes manuals, guides, encyclopedias, and books that present research related to food or foodways.


Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue

Adrian   Miller

(University of North Carolina Press)


The Flavor Equation: The Science of Great Cooking Explained + More Than 100 Essential Recipes

Nik Sharma

(Chronicle Books)


Koji Alchemy: Rediscovering the Magic of Mold-Based Fermentation

Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky

(Chelsea Green Publishing)


Restaurant and Professional

Books written by a culinary professional or restaurant chef with recipes that may include advanced cooking techniques, the use of specialty ingredients and professional equipment, including culinary arts textbooks.


Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown: Recipes and Stories from the Birthplace of Chinese American Food Brandon Jew and Tienlon Ho

(Ten Speed Press)


Modernist Pizza

Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya

(The Cooking Lab)


Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy’s Greatest Food, with Recipes

Missy Robbins and Talia Baiocchi

(Ten Speed Press)


Single Subject

Books with recipes focused on a single ingredient, dish, or method of cooking. Examples include seafood, grains, pasta, burgers, or canning. Exceptions are baking and dessert books, vegetable-focused books, restaurant and professional books, and beverage books—which should be entered in their respective categories.


Cool Beans: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with the World’s Most Versatile Plant-Based Protein, with 125 Recipes

Joe Yonan

(Ten Speed Press)


Grains for Every Season: Rethinking Our Way with Grains

Joshua McFadden with Martha Holmberg

(Artisan Books)


The Hog Book: A Chef’s Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Pigs

Jesse Griffiths

(Wild Hog Project)


U.S. Foodways

Books with recipes focused on the cooking or foodways of regions or communities in the United States.


Black Food: Stories, Art, and Recipes from Across the African Diaspora

Bryant Terry

(4 Color Books)


Mosquito Supper Club: Cajun Recipes from a Disappearing Bayou

Melissa M. Martin

(Artisan Books)


The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food

Marcus Samuelsson with Osayi Endolyn

(Voracious Books)


Vegetable-Focused Cooking

Books on vegetable cookery with recipes that are meatless, vegetarian, or vegan.


The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Reflections and Recipes from Omma’s Kitchen

Joanne Lee Molinaro



To Asia, With Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories from the Heart

Hetty McKinnon

(Prestel Publishing)


Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes

Bryant Terry

(Ten Speed Press)



Books on food or beverage with exceptional graphic design, art, or photography.


monk: Light and Shadow on the Philosopher’s Path

Yuka Yanazume and Julia Hasting



Sushi Shokunin: Japan’s Culinary Masters

Andrea Fazzari



Take One Fish: The New School of Scale-to-Tail Cooking and Eating

Rob Palmer and Daniel New

(Hardie Grant)



Narrative nonfiction books, including memoirs, culinary tourism, investigative journalism, food advocacy, and critical analysis of food and foodways for a general audience.


Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America

Marcia Chatelain



Getting Something to Eat in Jackson: Race, Class, and Food in the American South

Joseph C. Ewoodzie Jr.

(Princeton University Press)


The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard

John Birdsall

(W.W. Norton & Company)


Cookbook Hall of Fame

The Book Committee selects the honoree for this category. No entries will be accepted for this category. Books that have significantly influenced the way we think about food and honored authors who possess an exceptional ability to communicate their gastronomic vision via the printed page. The Cookbook Hall of Fame winner will be announced at the June 11 Media Awards ceremony.


Emerging Voice

The Book Committee selects the Emerging Voice award winner, and the winner does not have to come from entries. This award recognizes the work of immediate impact and lasting significance by a first-time published author whose unique perspective expands the reach of the subject matter. The medallion and a certificate are given to the winning author.



Broadcast Media Award Nominees


The Broadcast Media Awards were established in 1993 by the James Beard Foundation. The Broadcast Media Awards are open to all works in English from digital and terrestrial media—social media, radio, television broadcasts, podcasts, documentaries, online sites—covering food and beverage topics appearing widely for the first time in the United States in 2020 and 2021. Content in another language may be submitted as long as an English translation or English subtitles are also provided. Producers, reporters, writers, hosts, and other people involved in the production submit their work for consideration. More information about Broadcast Media Award eligibility can be viewed here.


The 2022 Broadcast Media Award Nominees are: 


Documentary/Docuseries Visual Media

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related documentary production, whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online or through an app, or has been shown at a North American film festival.



Airs on: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and Vimeo


High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America

Airs on: Netflix


The Hungriest State

Airs on: Mississippi State University Television / Mississippi Public Broadcasting


Instructional Visual Media

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related video production with instruction as its primary intent, whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online, or through an app.


Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television

Airs on: American Public Television


Food Network Kitchen – Everything You Need to Know About Collard Greens

Airs on: Food Network Kitchen


The Wild Harvest with Alan Bergo

Airs on: Vimeo


Reality or Competition Visual Media

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related video production with realism or competition as its primary intent, whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online, or through an app.


School of Chocolate

Airs on: Netflix



Airs on: SOMM TV


Top Chef Family Style

Airs on: Peacock


Commercial/Sponsored Visual Media

This award recognizes excellence in food-related video production clearly developed and marketed with prominent visual branding. It may be broadcast, streamed, accessed online, or through an app.


Justin V. Barocas

Uber Eats Presents: On the Rise with Marcus Samuelsson

Airs on: Eater, YouTube, Instagram


Sean O’Connor, Whitney Hassett, Kyle J. Glenn

I Hire Punks

Airs on: INFRA and Story Gorge outreach materials, website, and social media


Mando Rayo, Dennis Burnett
Made Right Here Road Trip

Airs on: YouTube


Visual Media—Short Form

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related video production whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online or through an app up to 30 minutes in length, and not appropriate for entry in the categories outlined above.


How 60,000 Metric Tons of Salt Are Harvested from One of the World’s Saltiest Lakes

Airs on: Eater


TrueSouth – Lake Village

Airs on: ESPN / SEC Network


Eat This – What Everyone Gets Wrong About Farm Work

Airs on: AJ+


Visual Media—Long Form

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related video production whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online, or through an app. Enter one complete video, longer than 30 minutes, but with a maximum of 90 minutes in length. Not appropriate for entry in the categories outlined above.


EatUp! New York

Airs on: ABC7 New York


Somebody Feed Phil

Airs on: Netflix


Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition

Airs on: Hulu


Social Media Account

This award recognizes excellence in a single food-related post, or compilation of up to three posts, that clearly represents the intention of the Facebook page, Twitter account, TikTok account, Instagram feed, or other social media format.


KJ Kearney


Airs on: TikTok and Instagram


Alexis Nikole Nelson


Airs on: TikTok and Instagram


Aleya Zenieris

Buzzfeed Tasty

Airs on: TikTok and Instagram


Audio Programming

This award recognizes excellence in a food-related radio or podcast program.


Dish City

Airs on: WAMU and various podcast platforms



Airs on: Vox Media Podcast Network and various podcast platforms


Good Food

Airs on: KCRW and various podcast platforms


Audio Reporting

This award recognizes excellence in reporting about food and/or food issues in radio or podcasts. This work is issue-driven or investigative in nature.


Mackenzie Martin

A People’s History of Kansas City

Airs on: KCUR and various podcast platforms


Lisa H Morehouse

California Foodways

Airs on: KQED and various podcast platforms


Dan Pashman, Emma Morgenstern, Andres O’Hara

The Sporkful

Airs on: Various podcast platforms


Emerging Voice

The Broadcast Media Committee selects the honoree for this category. No entries will be accepted for this category. This award recognizes excellence in a food-related video, audio, or social media production whether broadcast, streamed, accessed online, or through an app, produced by a new voice in the medium. A new voice is an individual that is early in their career field or has not been recognized by an awards program or other formal recognition instrument.



Journalism Award Nominees


The Journalism Awards were established by the James Beard Foundation in 1992. Work published—or self-published—in 2020 and 2021 in any medium are eligible for entry. Entries must be in English and cover food- or drink-related topics. Entries in other languages may be submitted if an English translation is also provided. Writers, journalists, and editors may submit their articles for consideration. More information about Journalism Award eligibility can be viewed here.


The 2022 Journalism Award Nominees are: 


Columns and Newsletters

Recognizes the work of an individual or team/group that demonstrates thought-provoking opinion and a compelling style on food- or drink-related topics. An entry consists of three examples of a regularly published column or newsletter, in print or online.


Tasting Home: “Travels with Papa”; “Following the Thread”; “In Her Footsteps”

Kwame Onwuachi with Joshua David Stein

Food & Wine


Tex-Mexplainer: “Nixtamalization Is the 3,500-Year-Old Secret to Great Tortillas”; “Live a Little and Try Crunching on Chapulines, or Roasted Grasshoppers”; “Forget Everything You Think You Know About Mole”

José R. Ralat

Texas Monthly


Taste Matters: “Really, Is Everyone a Critic?”; “Stop Calling Chinese Food Cheap. It Can Be Exceptional at Every Price.”; “The Ingredients May Be New. The Quest For Deliciousness Is Eternal.”

Mahira Rivers



Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Review Award

Recognizes discerning criticism that contributes to the larger discourse on cuisine or restaurants. An entry consists of three restaurant reviews or critiques.


“In Grand Central Market, a Beloved Chef Begins a New Chapter”; “Jumpstart Your Day at this Taiwanese Breakfast Pop-up in Chinatown”; “This Atwater Village Sushi Bar is what L.A. Fine Dining is all About”

Bill Addison

Los Angeles Times
“’Constant Evolution’”; “Restaurant Debuts as one of the Best in the Midwest”; “Pizzas Out of this World”

Louisa Chu

Chicago Tribune


“The Bay Area is Having a Love Affair with Smashburgers. This is the One You’ll Want to Eat Again and Again”; “Impossible’s New Vegan Nuggets Taste Better than McNuggets. Sadly, that’s not Saying Much”; “S.F. Restaurant’s $72 Fried Rice Was a Runaway Hit. It Was Also the Chef’s Nightmare”

Soleil Ho

San Francisco Chronicle


Dining and Travel

Recognizes exemplary and comprehensive service journalism that relies on both critical voice and thorough research to bring a variety of dining options into perspective, whether in a single city, a region, or a country. An entry consists of a single piece or a package of related components published in any combination of media.


“Right Around the Corner”

Francis Lam

Condé Nast Traveler


“Eating in Xi’an, Where Wheat and Lamb Speak to China’s Varied Palate”

Ligaya Mishan

T: The New York Times Style Magazine


“The Ultimate Texas Tacopedia”

José R. Ralat

Texas Monthly


Feature Reporting

Recognizes excellence for engaging writing and in-depth reporting in food and/or drink features. An entry consists of a single piece or a series by a single writer of up to three related pieces.


“Inside the Secretive, Semi-Illicit, High Stakes World of WhatsApp Mango Importing”

Ahmed Ali Akbar



“Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part One — The Schützenfest, Black Endurance, and Beer Culture in Old South Charleston”; “Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part Two — The Deliberate Reconstruction of the Charleston Schützenfest”; “Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part Three — The Lost Potential of Charleston Beer”

Jamaal Lemon

Good Beer Hunting


“Raising Cane”

Shane Mitchell

The Bitter Southerner


Food Coverage in a General Interest Publication

Recognizes excellence in food and/or drink writing, reporting, and presentation in a general interest site or print publication. Judges will evaluate each entry for overall breadth and depth of coverage; an entry consists of three exemplary pieces, plus a URL to the website’s food landing page or PDFs of three print sections in their entirety.


The Bitter Southerner


The New Yorker


The Washington Post

Recognizes the importance of culture and history in food journalism. Entries in this category explore the connection between what we eat and who we are, with an emphasis on reporting. An entry consists of a single piece.


“‘We’re Reclaiming Beer Because It’s Ours’”

James Bennett II



“The American Dream in the Back of a Sunoco”

Trisha Gopal



“In the Arctic, Reindeer Are Sustenance and a Sacred Presence”

Ligaya Mishan

T: The New York Times Style Magazine


Health and Wellness

Recognizes excellence in food and/or drink-related health and wellness coverage. Entries explore a variety of topics that may include (but are not limited to) addiction, aging, chronic disease, diet, mental health, mind-body connection, nutrition, and reproductive health. An entry consists of one definitive article or a series of up to three related pieces.


“Cultivating Better Health”

Michael Behar



“Diet-Related Diseases Pose a Major Risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. Overlooks Them.”

Helena Bottemiller Evich



“Deeply Rooted: An Endocrine Web Special Report on Race and Diabetes”

Adriana Velez

Endocrine Web


Home Cooking

Recognizes excellence in service journalism with a practical focus for the home cook. The award honors imaginative and substantive entries that use fresh, innovative approaches—both written and visual—to illuminate cooking methods, ingredients, and recipes. An entry consists of a single piece with at least one recipe.


“The Way of Clay”

Mary-Frances Heck

Food & Wine


“For Garlic Powder, a Working Seasoning Finally Gets its Turn in the Spice Limelight”

Ben Mims

Los Angeles Times


“The Secret Society of Marmalade Makers”

Leslie Pariseau

Innovative Storytelling

Recognizes excellence in food- and/or drink-related content that emphasizes photography, virtual reality, interactive design, or other forms of visual enhancement to tell a story. An entry consists of one piece or presentation. The entry may be an individual submission or a team collaboration. Up to four names can be submitted.


“Arturo and the Rancho Zen of Washing Dishes”

Javier Cabral

Pop-Up Magazine


“How Black Foragers Find Freedom in the Natural World”

Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee, Adraint Bereal, and Wulf Bradley

The New York Times


“A Feast for Lost Souls”

Annelise Jolley and Zahara Gómez Lucini

The Atavist Magazine


Investigative Reporting

Recognizes excellence in investigative reporting on environmental, political, business or policy issues regarding food and/or drink. An entry consists of a single piece or a series of up to three related pieces.


“NYC Food Delivery Workers Band to Demand Better Treatment. Will New York Listen to Los Deliveristas Unidos?”; “Food Delivery Workers Toiling Through Historic Flooding Call Skimpy Wages and Tips ‘A Cruel Joke’”; “New York City Passes Landmark New Protections for Food Delivery Workers”

Claudia Irizarry Aponte and Josefa Velasquez



“Palestine and the West Bank Agricultural Struggle”

Marianne Dhenin

Life & Thyme


“Revolt of the Delivery Workers”

Josh Dzieza

New York Magazine


Jonathan Gold Local Voice Award

Recognizes the work of an individual who engages readers through enterprising food and dining coverage. Submissions must consist of three pieces that display versatility in form, such as reviews, profiles, cooking, quick hits, and hard news reporting. Pieces may be from different publications.


“‘Too Much to Lose.’ Why a Miami Man Moved into a Backyard Tent During Coronavirus Crisis”; “Salt Bae’s Restaurant Called Cops on Customer who Wouldn’t Pay for Gold-Wrapped Steaks”; “How to Eat Like a Local in Miami: A Local’s Guide to Dining in the 305”

Carlos Frías

Miami Herald


“Innovation and the Incinerated Tongue: Notes on Hot Chicken, Race, and Culinary Crossover”; “Two Friends Talk about Black, White, and The Grey: On Cooking and Collaboration Across the Color Line”; “Pimento-cracy”

Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee

The Counter; Oxford American


“Growing Up on Los Angeles’s Black Barbecue”; “Downtown LA’s Once-Unstoppable Restaurant Scene Now Faces an Uncertain Future”; “Tonight’s Dinner Should Be Fried Chicken From an LA Grocery Store”

Mona Holmes

Eater LA


MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award

Recognizes a single article of exceptional literary merit on the subject of food and/or drink published in any medium. Entries for the MFK Fisher Award category can also be entered in another Award category.


“The Flavors of My Grief”

Yasmin Khan



“Right Around the Corner”

Francis Lam

Condé Nast Traveler


“Life Was Not a Peach”

Hannah Selinger



Personal Essay, Long Form

Recognizes excellence in an essay on any food and/or drink-related topic. An entry consists of one piece that demonstrates a distinctive voice, point of view, and style. Minimum of 1,000 words.


“It’s Time to Decolonize Wine”

Miguel de Leon



“All the Food You Can Eat and Only the Family You Can Stand”

Jackie Summers



“The Creature Comfort of Aunt Jemima”

Adia Victoria

The Bitter Southerner


Personal Essay, Short Form

Recognizes excellence in a short essay on any food and/or drink-related topic. An entry consists of one piece that demonstrates a distinctive voice, point of view, and style; humor and creative approaches are also welcome. Maximum of 1,000 words.


“How It Feels to Close Your Restaurant for Good”

Kiki Aranita

Food & Wine


“Caribou Bones and Burgundy”

Elaine Chukan Brown

Wine & Spirits
“The Dangers of Bartending While Asian”

Kaylee Hammonds

Food & Wine

Recognizes a single distinctive piece that brings to life the world of a chef, restaurateur, grower, producer, or other figure or group of significance to food and/or drink.


“Chef José Andrés Embraces the Chaos”

Jane Black

HuffPost Highline


“Patsy Young — American Brewer, Fugitive From Slavery”

Theresa McCulla


Good Beer Hunting

“The Man Who Sees a Future Where Indigenous Foods Are as Ubiquitous as Burgers”

Kate Nelson



Emerging Voice

This award is given by the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation to recognize work of immediate impact and lasting significance by an individual or media outlet that has been contributing to food journalism for no more than three years.


The James Beard Foundation Media Awards ceremony will take place in Chicago on the campus of Columbia College Chicago on Saturday, June 11. The host for the 2022 Media Awards ceremony is Lisa Ling, award-winning journalist, author, and host and executive producer of the new series Take Out on HBO Max. The Media Awards ceremony will be followed by a reception featuring Chicago chefs representing the city’s rich culinary scene.


“I am overjoyed and honored to be hosting this year’s James Beard Foundation’s Media Awards ceremony,” said Lisa Ling, acclaimed journalist and host of the 2022 James Beard Foundation Media Awards ceremony. “Telling compelling stories has been such an important part of my career, and I greatly look forward to recognizing and celebrating the industry’s most innovative and gifted journalists and storytellers for their prolific work.”


Tickets for the 31st annual James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards in Chicago are on sale and can be purchased here. Tickets for the Media Awards will go on sale Thursday, May 5 at the Awards events page. Both Award ceremonies will be broadcast live via the James Beard Foundation’s Twitter feed.


The 2022 James Beard Awards will be the first in two years, after a hiatus during which the Awards underwent a full audit of its policies and procedures, continuing the work to remove bias, increase transparency and accessibility, and make the program more aligned with the Foundation’s mission and values. James Beard Awards policies and procedures can be viewed at jamesbeard.org/awards/policies.


The 2022 James Beard Awards are presented by Capital One, the official credit card and banking partner of the James Beard Foundation. The James Beard Awards are proudly hosted by Choose Chicago and the Illinois Restaurant Association and presented in association with Chicago O’Hare and Midway International Airports, as well as with the following partners: Premier Sponsors: Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, American Airlines, the official airline of the James Beard Foundation, BentoBox, S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water; Supporting Sponsors: All-Clad Metalcrafters, Moët & Chandon, Skuna Bay Salmon, Valrhona; Reception Sponsors: Ecolab, Kendall College at National Louis University, Lavazza, Windstar Cruises, the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation; Additional Support: Château d’Esclans, HMSHost, National Restaurant Association, VerTerra Dinnerware. Intersport is the Official Broadcast Partner of the 2022 James Beard Awards.


For more information about the James Beard Foundation Awards, visit jamesbeard.org/awards. For up-to-the-minute news about the Awards follow @beardfoundation on Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye out for posts using #jbfa.


About the James Beard Awards

The James Beard Awards recognizes exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts, hospitality, media, and broader food system, as well as a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive. Established in 1990, the James Beard Awards are among the nation’s most prestigious honors recognizing leaders in the culinary and food media industries. The Awards are overseen by the Awards Committee. Each Awards program (Books, Broadcast Media, Journalism, Leadership, and Restaurant and Chef) has its own subcommittee members who volunteer their time to oversee the policies, procedures, and selection of judges for their respective program. All James Beard Award winners receive a certificate and a medallion engraved with the James Beard Foundation Awards insignia. For more information, subscribe to the Awards digital newsletter.


About the James Beard Foundation 

The James Beard Foundation celebrates and supports the people behind America’s food culture, while pushing for new standards in the restaurant industry to create a future where all have the opportunity to thrive. Established over 30 years ago, the Foundation has highlighted the centrality of food culture in our daily lives and is committed to supporting a resilient and flourishing industry that honors its diverse communities. By amplifying new voices, celebrating those leading the way, and supporting those on the path to do so, the Foundation is working to create a more equitable and sustainable future—what we call Good Food for Good™. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the James Beard Foundation launched the Open for Good campaign to ensure that independent restaurants not only survive, but that the industry is able to rebuild stronger than before. For more information, subscribe to the digital newsletter Beard Bites and follow @beardfoundation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse. The James Beard Foundation is a national not-for-profit 501c (3) organization based in New York City.


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