Are you looking for beautiful knives that are a flawless blend of form and function? zx kitchen’sTM uniquely black ceramic knives represent the next revolution in food preparation. Visit zxkitchen.com.

Preparing dinner should not tire you out before you can enjoy the meal. With balanced weight and comfort grip handles, zx kitchenTM knives fit comfortably in your hand while protecting your fingers while slicing. They are germ-resistant and non-stick so they easily wipe clean, helping you to clean up faster than with regular knives. For further safety, zx kitchenTM offers attractive red sheaths to protect your beautiful knives when they are stored.

Sleek and smooth, zx kitchenTM knives boast stylish black blades made from zirconium oxide, the hardest material on earth second only to diamond. Sharper than traditional steel cutlery, ceramic knives from zx kitchenTM deliver flawlessly for at least five years with no need for sharpening. They do not rust or deposit chemicals as you use them, preventing metallic taste or discoloration in food. And unlike white ceramic tools, zx kitchen’sTM black ceramic will never stain.

Use your zx kitchenTM knives from start to finish every time you cook. You will effortlessly peel and slice your sweet potatoes, julienne your vegetables, exquisitely slice your steak and perfectly cut crunchy baguettes and the creamiest soft cheeses.

Choose from five luxurious collections available on zxkitchen.com or amazon.com, each elegantly packaged (Graphic Design USA 2011 Award Winner for Best Package Design) to reflect the caliber of the brand. The Starter Set is great for budding chefs who are just beginning to build their kitchens, while the Precision Set is perfect for the first-time ceramic user. With a chef’s knife, utility knife, and a paring knife, the Prep Set is for the serious cook, and the Steak Set makes tough meats easier to eat. The Chop Set, which includes a chef’s knife and a rubberwood cutting board that does not warp or crack, is perfect for preparing vegetables for gourmet meals.

With a stylish design, comfort grip handles, and stain-proof blades that are sharper than steel, zx kitchenTM black ceramic cutlery provides precision from start to finish for all of your entertaining.