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10 Years and World of Beer is still ahead of the Trends

10 Years and World of Beer is still ahead of the Trends

According to Chariss Jones’ USA Today’s article, Many restaurant chains still struggling, “Americans still love eating out, but last year were passing up some well-known chain restaurants.” World of Beer is dedicated to staying top of mind to their consumers and making changes to keep them coming back.

A decade ago, World of Beer began as a craft beer only establishment; they have since began to reach both spirit and food lovers across the country. Bringing everything back to their roots, World of Beer plans to focus on the “hero”…beer.

World of Beer intends to stay ahead of the competitive market and appeal to the current consumer experience in a variety of ways including:

  • Beer Education—
    • WOB staff goes through an extensive “Beer School”, which continues to get more robust with ongoing education and interactive ways of teaching including videos and bite-sized digital content.
  • Music preferences –
    • WOB has refined their music playlist in the taverns to be consistent with their brand promise, but also appeal to consumer preference. Through an extensive retooling of their playlist, WOB has defined specific music for each daypart, providing the right ambiance no matter what time of day a customer visits.
  • Gathering Place—
    • WOB’s “gathering place” mentality has gone into the design of their taverns. They have added huge bars, large community tables and soft-seating lounge areas that encourage our customers to hang out, relax and enjoy themselves. They have created open spaces within the tavern and patios to encourage people to move around the space and interact with others.
  • Dining Habits—
    • We understand the dining habits of the millennial consumer and have transformed our menu to include more shareable options that play into the fluid eating and drinking occasions millennials seem to gravitate towards.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, World of Beer is including their costumers in the celebration. On February 18, 2017 all of the company’s taverns will host a birthday party for its staff and guests. Each tavern plans to showcase rare and aged beers. Check out a video from our founders to see how we got here.

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