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Sunsweet Growers have announced new leadership

Sunsweet Growers have announced new leadership to Brendon S. Flynn who will succeed Gary S. Thiara as the board’s Chairman

Sunsweet Growers Inc. Celebrating its centennial year with unprecedented company performance, Sunsweet today announced the transition of Sunsweet Board leadership to Brendon S. Flynn who will succeed Gary S. Thiara as the board’s Chairman.

The appointment culminates a formal succession planning process which included Mr. Flynn serving as the board’s Vice-Chair for the past 18 months, his serving 14 years as Chairman of the finance committee, and his service as a Sunsweet board member totaling 15 years.

“Brendon is fully committed and well prepared to lead the cooperative going forward” said Mr. Thiara. “The transition comes at an auspicious time given the Coop’s recent 100-year milestone, multiple years of favorable company performance, strong management and board leadership in place, and the Coop well positioned to achieve even greater success”.

I am grateful to Gary, who will continue to serve as a Sunsweet Board member,” said Flynn.  “Gary became chairman during a tumultuous time and has been the right man, at the right time to lead the company. Gary put the finishing touches on a tremendously successful 15-year tour of duty as Chairman by giving me complete access and every opportunity to contribute, prepare and transition into the role of chairman.”

Bob Amarel, long term Sunsweet grower and board member has been named to serve as Vice-Chair of the board.

“New Chairman Flynn and Vice-Chair Amarel have worked closely with Sunsweet senior management for many years. They both have experience and a successful record with management, growers and board members alike. They accept the board leadership baton in full stride, already is fully contributing, and with all of our support”, said Dane Lance, Sunsweet President & CEO.


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