BarTrack and Arryved Announce an Integrated Partnership for Bars, Breweries, and Restaurant Teams

Quality management and data technology company BarTrack and Arryved, the leading point-of-service (POS) provider for craft food and beverage establishments, announce an integrated partnership for front-of-house bar and taproom operations. The two data-driven companies will host a live webinar on Dec. 13 at 1 pm ET for management teams to learn more about how to utilize these tools as a tandem solution to save an average of $5,000 per week. Click here to register for the webinar.

BarTrack and Arryved Announce Integrated Partnership for Bars, Breweries, and Restaurants

BarTrack’s beverage and quality monitoring insights integrate with Arryved’s sales and revenue data to provide breweries, bars, and restaurant management teams with industry-leading, one-of-a-kind reports they can use to pinpoint where, when, why, and how waste occurs and strategize improvements to management efficiency and increase revenue.

BarTrack’s system, featuring the first beverage sensor with no moving parts and no obstructions to draft lines, provides real-time metrics on a dozen beverage-specific variables affecting beverage quality, including flow and keg levels, line temperature, pressure, cooler health, line cleanliness, and more. Arryved’s sales data seamlessly integrates with the BarTrack interface to illustrate reasons for waste that occur as a beer is poured.

Current users of the integration see an immediate impact using BarTrack and Arryved, increasing pouring efficiencies from an average of 47% to as high as 97% by the end of the first month – an average of $5,000 in savings per week.

“We’re excited to partner with Arryved because we both offer tools built by the industry, for the industry. Like Arryved, we develop solutions based on the key insights we received from owners and operators with decades of experience,” said Brett Danielson, co-founder, and CEO of BarTrack. “Customer success is a tremendous part of both of our solutions and frequent check-ins and strategizing is key, we both focus on providing high-level customer support.”

Equipped with BarTrack’s draft monitoring system and Arryved’s POS, management teams have access to insightful real-time data over every pour from inventory to sale. Insights are specific to the minute and to the ounce, making it possible to determine where losses and waste occur and if the losses are related to inventory management processes and equipment or human error.

Apocalypse Ale Works, a craft brewery in Forest, Va., reduced its pour cost from 12.8% to 7.5%, a 5% total deduction, after only 3 months using BarTrack and Arryved in tandem.

“We are a low staff, family-run business. These tools and reports are a game-changer when it comes to the success of our draft beer program and visibility into business operations. We were able to identify specific problem areas and develop detailed strategies that ultimately eliminated areas of waste, improved our beer quality, and boosted our overall revenue,” said Austin John, owner of Apocalypse Ale Works. “In the first month the system had paid for itself. Arryved and BarTrack are the two front-of-house solutions that every brewery should invest in.”

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Grist Brewing Company, based in Highlands Ranch, Colo., increased its pour efficiency from 54.6% to 85% in the span of 3 weeks using the integrated BarTrack and Arryved solution. The brewery’s average pour cost dropped from 12.8% to 7.6%, equating to $6,359 of lost potential revenue to $1,392, an average of $20,000 in savings per month.

“In a short period of time we have dramatically reduced our pour costs through identifying principal causes of waste and creating a specific plan to successfully remedy those causes,” said Chuck Norman, Grist Brewing owner. “This is the solution for breweries to start re-examining their draft program in the taproom and take a revised approach to maximizing potential profits and improving brand integrity through quality.”

The webinar on Dec. 13 at 1 pm ET will feature additional discussion about these case studies and provide actionable recommendations for teams looking to implement process improvements that improve beverage quality and minimize draft waste.