Create Unique Summer Cocktails with Clear Ice

Summer is the perfect time of year to get creative with cocktails. From fruity and icy drinks to classic favorites, there are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy a cool summer beverage without breaking the bank or spending hours behind the bar. One thing that can really set your summer cocktails apart from the rest is clear ice. Clear ice is made by using Clear Ice Makers and freezing water slowly over time, allowing for a crystal clear result with no air bubbles or impurities. This gives you an impressive presentation that’s sure to wow your guests!

Summer Cocktails with Clear Ice

When it comes to creating unique summer cocktails with clear ice, there are endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to add some pizzazz to a classic favorite or you want to create something entirely new and exciting, here are 7 ideas for crafting delicious summer cocktails with clear ice:


1. Fruity Sangria

Sangria is always a crowd-pleaser and adding fresh fruit will make it even more flavorful and colorful. The key here is adding frozen berries and other cut fruits while your glass is filling up with clear ice cubes – this will give your drink the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Simply mix your favorite red wine with brandy, sugar syrup, freshly squeezed orange juice, mango nectar, lime juice and frozen fruit like strawberries, peaches and grapes. Top it off with sparkling water for an extra special touch!

2. Frozen Margaritas

Margaritas are always a hit in the summertime – just make sure you use good quality tequila! For frozen margaritas, start by combining tequila, orange liqueur (like Triple Sec), lime juice and agave nectar in a blender until it’s smooth. Then fill your glass halfway up with crushed ice (or small cubes) before pouring in the mixture from the blender; top off with even more clear ice cubes for a great presentation! Garnish with fresh lime wedges for an extra pop of color.

3. Citrus Mojitos

Mojitos always evoke feelings of sunshine and vacation – make them even better by blending together freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup (or honey), mint leaves, white rum and club soda in a blender until everything is well-combined then pour over lots of clear ice cubes into tall glasses; garnish with fresh mint sprigs or slices of citrus fruits like lemons or oranges for added flavor complexity!

4. Refreshing Gin & Tonics

Gin & tonics are perfect for hot days when all you want is something refreshingly light yet flavorful; use equal parts gin and tonic (lemon-lime type soda) along with simple syrup (or honey) if desired; fill glasses two-thirds full of clear ice then pour in the mixture before topping off each glass completely with additional cubes; garnish each drink with cucumber slices that have been cut into thin strips!

5. Tropical Pina Coladas

Tropical pina coladas should be creamy and sweet but not overly thick – try blending equal parts pineapple juice (preferably freshly made), coconut milk, cream of coconut and white rum in a blender until smooth before pouring over lots of crushed/clear ice into hurricane glasses or tiki mugs; garnish each one with pineapple chunks on sticks for extra tropical flair!

6. Mint Juleps

Mint juleps are great all throughout spring & summer so why not mix them up using clear ice? Start by combining bourbon whiskey (or rye whiskey if desired), simple syrup or honey and lots of muddled mint leaves in a pitcher or shaker until combined; fill tall rocks glasses two-thirds full of larger square cubes then pour mixture from pitcher/shaker over top before topping off each glass completely; garnish each one generously with additional muddled mint leaves & sprigs as well as freshly sliced lemon wedges!

7. Classic Daiquiris

Daiquiris are classic warm weather drinks but they can easily be jazzed up using various fruits & juices instead of just plain sugar & lime juice – combine dark rum, cranberry juice concentrate along with pineapple & mango juices in shaker filled halfway up w/ice then shake vigorously before straining onto crushed/clear ice into hurricane glasses; top off each glass completely w/additional cubes & garnish w/fresh raspberries as well as pineapple chunks on sticks!

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No matter which cocktail recipe you choose to make this summer season, don’t forget about incorporating clear ice into the mix! Not only does it look impressive when served at parties or get-togethers but its slow melting process ensures that drinks stay cold longer without becoming too diluted faster than usual – perfection! Remember that recipes don’t have to be complicated to be delicious, just make sure to use quality ingredients and enjoy!

Cheers! :)