Raffles Istanbul’s Culinary Pop-Up: “The Magical World of Paco Roncero”

A 100% multi-sensorial and mind-blowing dining experience will soon be arriving to Rocca Restaurant at Raffles Istanbul. This fall, Raffles Istanbul will take its culinary program to a theatrical new level with the addition of “The Magical World of Paco Roncero,” a pop-up dining experience where guests will be taken on an enchanting culinary journey, skillfully curated by one of the leading representative of Spanish avant-garde cuisine, known both in Spain and around the world.

Influenced by his travels around the world and his work with Ferran Adria, the pioneer of molecular gastronomy, Paco Roncero is known for his creativity, sensibility, inquisitive mind and advanced cooking techniques, venturing beyond technical cuisine to present gastronomy as a singular sensorial experience. With ten restaurants across the globe, including Madrid’s Terraza del Casino, which holds two Michelin stars and two Duia Repsol suns, Chef Roncero’s most well-known restaurant is Sublimotion in Ibiza. The one-of-a-kind establishment combines food with art, music and technology, and the entire culinary art show concept is choreographed to awaken the senses one taste at a time.

Guests at Raffles Istanbul will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique interpretation of Roncero’s colorful epicurean journey with an exclusive, limited-edition dining experience at Rocca Restaurant from September 27th to November 3rd, 2019. Chef Roncerco will be present for select events and dates.

A Trio of Culinary Experiences at Rocca
For the special collaboration with Chef Roncero, Rocca Restaurant, Raffles Istanbul’s popular all-day dining restaurant, will enjoy a new perspective via three distinct concepts and menus in three different locations:

  • Legendary tapas and delicacies at the Paco’s Bar & Lounge
  • A six-course tasting menu in the Main Dining Room
  • And a 360-degree multi-sensory dining experience for up to 14 guests with live projections in the Private Dining Room

Paco Roncero’s special menus are accompanied by Moet’s Dom Perignon Champagnes in all three locations. For the Private Dining experience, where a futuristic menu and digital show including 3D video mappings designed for every single dish, the tasting adventure will reach its peak, as a Dom Pérignon Vintage series produced from the same and single year grapes will be presented. For the first time in Turkey, the 17-year-old Dom Perignon Plénitude 2, will be served at Raffles Istanbul along other vintage Champagnes including Dom Perignon Vintage 2005, Dom Perignon Rose 2006 and Dom Perignon Vintage 2008.

The Beginning of a Tasting Adventure:
1-Bar & Lounge
It is possible to encounter surprises at any moment in the World of Paco! Chef Roncero’s four-course a la carte tapas menu can be experienced in the lounge area, which has been reinvented as Paco’s Bar & Lounge for the pop-up. Each presentation reflects an imagination beyond the usual rules, with a menu that turns into a gastronomic feast from slices of foie gras served with gingerbread cakes, sea bass ‘ceviche,’ goat cheese donuts, to tuna and nori moss tartar and guacamole. The lounge area can also serve as a cocktail space and accommodate up to 100 people.

In Search of a Unique Discovery:
2-Main Dining Room
The Main Dining Room, the heart of the pop-up restaurant, offers a six-course degustation menu with optional wine pairings that reflects the gastronomic presentation of art. The degustation menu in the Main Dining, is specially prepared for those who want to explore the Michelin starred chef’s imaginative menu. The Millennial Olive Tree looks like a small olive tree and delights visually and with taste. Salmon and miso cream cones, goose liver donuts, re-interpreted Margarita pizza, an example of molecular cuisine, vegetable garden, seafood and creamy ‘ceviche,’ sea bass pil pil, veal ribs with ‘mole’ sauce are among the delicacies of the Main Dining Room. The area allows 50 guests to experience the six-course degustation menu per seating every night during the pop-up.

A Digital Experience for All Five Senses:
3-Private Dining Area
The most unique experience in the Paco Roncero pop-up restaurant is undoubtedly a mysterious and surreal experience, enticing diners to a multi-sensory journey from beginning to end. Rocca’s Private Dining Room, which appeals to sensibilities of all guests, offers a 360-degree experience with live productions. Each evening only 14 guests will be welcomed, via a separate entrance and dedicated space. The 10-course degustation menu is interactive, surreal and thought-provoking. Tastes waiting to be discovered include Millennial Olive Tree, red bean sandwich, salmon and miso cream cones, lamb cheek taco, which are all a reflection of Paco’s attentive presentation. Raffles takes guests on a “The Magical World of Paco” tasting journey with grilled Solinya, coconut and dried pepper shrimps, crab sea bass and veal ribs with mole sauce. One of the greatest privileges in this experience will be four Champagne pairings by Raffles Istanbul’s official partner Dom Pérignon, and the Vintage 2002 Plentitude 2. Recently launched in Miami this year, it will be served for the first time ever in Turkey, only at Raffles Istanbul. Chef Roncero, the official chef of international cooking events where Plénitude 2 is introduced to the world, will also make food accompaniments paired for these special drinks. In addition, three more Champagnes will be offered, vintage selections including Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, Dom Pérignon Rose 2006 and Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008.

“Culinary innovation and a commitment to bring the world’s best to our guests are the reasons we are excited to collaborate with Chef Paco Roncero to introduce a unique, multi-sensory dining experience to Rocca Restaurant,” said Christian Hirt, General Manager at Raffles Istanbul. “Never before has something like this been offered to our affluent Turkish clientele and globe-trotting visitors.”

For more information please visit: https://www.raffles.com/istanbul/.