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Replenish your Body this Summer with Jeju 16 Water

Jeju 16 Water

Jeju 16 WaterWhatever your adventure may
be this summer, make Jeju your sidekick.

Jeju 16 Water Bottle Jeju 16 Water is a naturally purified water through over sixteen layers of volcanic bedrock off the coast of South Korea. As rainwater collects on the mineral-rich Mt. Halla, it begins to pass through 1,400 feet of porous volcanic bedrock, naturally purifying 16 water without stripping away any essential minerals in its 18-year purification process.

Whether your plans include paddle boarding, rock climbing, hiking, or just a walk in the park, Jeju has the ability to replenish your body fast with an alkalinity similar to our body’s pH balance (pH7.8), ideal for body absorption.


Find 16

16 is now available at your local convenience store, grocer and a variety of other retailers.

You can also find 16 Water on Amazon. Buy some today.

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