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Dana Cree Teams Up With Chicago’s Leading Female Bakers For International Women’s Day

To celebrate mothers, sisters, daughters and friends this International Women’s Day (March 8th), Pastry Chef Dana Cree (The Publican) and female bakers from renowned restaurants and bakeries across Chicago band together for the ultimate cookie collaboration.
“While we don’t need a single day to recognize the impact of women in the world, we can’t pass up the opportunity to highlight the love and labor poured into our culinary industry by women around the city. Today we are sharing cookies inspired by the women who inspired us, often without any public recognition, to be the women we are today. Along with the cookies, we will share a story about each of these women and how they impacted our lives. We hope on this International Women’s Day, we can inspire you to remember the women who have impacted your own life.” 
— Dana Cree, Pastry Chef, The Publican
Left: Dinah Grossman; Bottom-left: Mindy Segal; Full-right: Dana Cree; Top-right: Leigh Omilinsky; Bottom-right: Kym DeLost.

This all-star lineup includes:
  • Mindy Segal — Mindy’s HotChocolate
  • Meg Galus — Boka
  • Genie Kwon — Oriole
  • Kelly Helgesen — Parachute
  • Leigh Omilinsky —  Nico Osteria
  • Sandra Holl — Floriole Café & Bakery
  • Molly Svec — Spilt Milk Bakery
  • Mari Katsumura — Gideon Sweet
  • Allison Schroeder — The Bellemore
  • Kym DeLost — The Lawless Group
  • Emily Spurlin — Bad Hunter
  • Nicole Guini — Blackbird
  • Dinah Grossman — Spinning J
A way to show gratitude for the women that impact our lives every day, this initiative aims to tell the individual stories of women through their favorite recipes, such as Nico Osteria Pastry Chef Leigh Omilinsky’s Chocolate Chip Cereal Cookie inspired by her mom’s twist on the classic with whole grain cereals, and the crowd-pleasing Never Fail Sugar Cookies” by Boka’s Meg Galus. Each participating chef will create a unique cookie, offered from the counter all day at Publican Quality Meats for $2-3, and in cookie jars at both Publican Anker and The Publican for $15 during dinner service.
100% of proceeds from their sales donated to the local women’s shelter, Deborah’s Place.  Additional cookies made by the participating pastry chefs will be donated to the women and children of Deborah’s Place to honor the hard work they’ve put into their own lives on this day.
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