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Leading Women at Moët Hennessy: International Women’s Day

With women steering some of the world’s biggest wine & spirits organizations and brands today, Moët Hennessy has and continues to be ahead of the trend of women stepping into leading roles, in the male-dominated wine & spirits industry. Taking it back to 1805 with Madame Clicquot, who took over her husband’s wine business after his passing, up through present day with brands like Krug, Smoke Tree or Chandon all led by powerful women.

Below is a list of brands with leading influential women who are making an impact on the wine & spirits industry.

Veuve Clicquot: Madame Clicquot, often referred to as “the first businesswoman of the modern era”, was widowed at 27 becoming Veuve (French for widow) Clicquot. She took over her husband’s wine business after his passing, expanding the business to all four corners of the world. In an era when women were excluded from the business world, she dared to assume the head of the company, a role she undertook with passion and determination. Krug Champagne and Estates & Wines Portfolio: Margareth Henriquez, President & CEO of Krug Champagne and Estates & Wines at LVMH, which includes: Cloudy Bay, Cape Mentelle, Newtown, Smoke Tree, Terrazas de los Andes, Bodega Numanthia and Ao Yun.

Chandon: Pauline Lhote, Winemaking Director, and Susan Caudry, Estate Director, are two female leaders at Chandon California.

Smoke Tree: Anne Dempsey, Head Winemaker, is new to the Smoke Tree team joining this past spring 2018. She has made wine in New Zealand, South Africa, and Sonoma – which has helped her fully understand the concept of terroir, conveying the nuances of varying climates and grape varieties.

Moet Hennessy USA: is responsible for driving the business strategies and execution for all brands with the MHUSA portfolio of champagnes, wines and spirits.

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