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Jägermeister Announces First-Ever Non-Glass COOLPACK Bottle

Jägermeister, the No. 1 selling imported liqueur in the United States, announces the launch of the Jägermeister COOLPACK – the first-ever non-glass line extension from the brand. Perfekt for various outdoor activities where a glass bottle is not practical, the flatter, light-weight Jägermeister COOLPACK is the ultimate essential for occasions such as festivals, concerts, barbecues, picnics, hiking, camping, fishing, beach parties, après ski drinks and more.

The new packaging is inspired by a freezer pack and cools quicker than a glass bottle, allowing the herbal liqueur to chill to ice kühl perfektion of -18°C faster. Serving as a packaging-extension, and not a replacement for the iconic green glass bottle, the new, innovative freezer pack design provides Jägermeister fans with the opportunity to take their beloved spirit on-the-go, wherever the adventure takes them.

While the award winning COOLPACK packaging may be a new look, the classic herbal liqueur remains the same. Enjoyed ice cold, Jägermeister’s complex blend of 56 natural herbs, blooms, roots and fruits tastes best at -18°C, which is why the COOLPACK is made for the freezer. The new packaging combines the design of the classic Jägermeister bottle with traditional freezer packs made out of lightweight PET material in the brand’s dark green signature color. After storing in the freezer, the COOLPACK can be thrown in a backpack or cooler to help elevate any outdoor occasion.

“Not just a clever name, the new bottle iteration is cool in every sense of the word. When creating the COOLPACK bottle design, we wanted to create something that allowed our Jägermeister fans to enjoy the beloved herbal liqueur on-the-go, no matter the destination,” says Jack Carson, Director, Innovation. “Now, the possibilities are truly endless for where and when you and your friends can enjoy Jägermeister. Prost!”

The 375ml sized Jägermeister COOLPACKS are available at local alcohol retailers nationwide at an SRP of $12.99.

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