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Top 5 Gifts for Christmas

It is here again, the holiday season has once again snuck up, and you’re struggling to buy presents for your loved ones.


If you find it difficult to think of what to give during the holiday season, then don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyone wants to give something thoughtful, and also useful. So many unwanted presents are given each year with little thought to what the recipient actually wants, or needs.


Fortunately, the world of food and drink provides a multitude of ideas for Christmas gifts. As long as you have a loved one who has some interest in cooking, drinking, or eating, then you will find all manner of gadgets and devices to purchase. 

How to select a present for a loved one

The first rule of buying gifts at Christmas should be to never break your budget. The last two years have been very trying for everyone, and no one expects you to break the bank.


As for choosing the right present, the best thing to do is to consider what the recipient likes to do, and what would help them in this area. Choose gifts that will keep on giving, and not be resigned to the back of the cupboard, or worse, in the trash.


For example, flowers are beautiful but they will die after a short period. Plants, however, will go on for years if looked after.


Here are some gift ideas that are based on a particular individual’s preferences and needs. However, if none of these match your loved ones, then apply different criteria to them. 

The best present for those who like to stay healthy (but love naughty food)

For the last 11 years, one kitchen appliance has been selling consistently well. Tens of millions of air fryers have flown off the shelves and into American’s kitchens. Why? Read on to find out.


America has a love of fried food, as do other countries such as the UK; think fish and chips, China; spring rolls, and many other nations. One predicament with eating fried food is that it isn’t exactly healthy.


The air fryer came along and changed all that. By cooking food with air at high temperatures, the device does away with the need for oil. So, if you have a loved one who indulges in fried food all the time, but would like to cook a little healthier, the air fryer might be a good choice.


The Chefman Air Fryer is one of the top 10 rated gadgets of this kind and comes in a variety of sizes to suit single people or families.

The best present for those that like to bake cakes

During the pandemic, millions of people decided that the time was apt to start a new hobby. One of the biggest changes many people made was to learn to bake. 2020 was the year that homes started to smell of cakes happily baking away as people turned out Victoria sponges and chocolate cakes.


For anyone serious about baking, there is one tool that they need; a good mixer. A really good stand mixer can run to hundreds of dollars, but there are cheaper alternatives for beginners and smaller budgets. 

The best present for wine lovers

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening? A crisp, cold glass of Sancerre on a warm summer’s night can be something of a treat after a long day at work.


Everyone knows someone who really enjoys their wine. While there is plenty of expert advice on how to start a wine collection, some people prefer to just drink it!


Therefore, if you have a wine lover in your family, you could consider several options. If your friend only likes to enjoy wine in moderation, then you could give a glass wine-saver carafe. If this seems a little dull then there are some beautiful corkscrews available on the market.


However, if your budget allows, there is one gift that will keep on giving right up until next December. A wine subscription paid monthly means that your loved one will receive a number of bottles of wine, every month, for as long as you keep paying. 

The best present home-brew enthusiasts

The Brewers Association reported in 2013, that it was now finally legal to brew beer at home. You may not realize it, but it was still illegal to brew beer at home until 1978, a law that had stayed in place since prohibition came into effect.


This was great news for all beer enthusiasts who like to make their own at home. Combining a love of beer with brewing turns the hobby into something the drinker is invested in.


There is a range of home-brew kits on the market, and the best way to choose would be to consider the following: How serious is your friend with home-brewing? Are they a beginner? How big is your budget?


MoreBeer supplies a premium home-brew kit that costs around $250, but the Brooklyn Brew Shop has a starter kit for just over $30. Check on Amazon for the best selection. 

The best present for those that are time-strapped

Life can be hectic sometimes, and between work, commuting, picking up the children, shopping, and everything else, making home-cooked food can be difficult.


Over in the UK, the takeaway market was worth about $10 billion back in 2016, this has grown year on year, and 2020 was a bumper year as lockdowns hit. While takeaways are sometimes a treat, they are also used by some due to time restrictions.


However, there is one device that can help anyone to put together a healthy meal in minutes. Multi Cookers are all the rage now, and the Instant Pot is undoubtedly the biggest.


CNBC reported that during Amazon’s Prime Day in 2016, somewhere in the region of 215,000 Instant Pots were sold, in a matter of hours. Households in America have grown to love these devices, and they can help time-poor individuals immensely.


The pressure cooker element to Instant Pots means that they can cook meals much faster than by other methods. The slow cooker feature means meals can be cooked while the user is away from home, returning to find a meal ready and waiting. The one-pot feature of these devices means cooking and washing up is simplicity itself.


Like the air fryer, these gadgets come in a range of prices and sizes to suit different budgets and needs. 

Best gifts for those with a bit of a sweet tooth

Just like wine, everyone has a family member who just loves a bit of chocolate. At Christmas, millions of dollars are spent on chocolate as gifts. There are premium chocs from suppliers such as Fortnum and Mason, and there are novelties such as a chocolate cheese board available on Amazon.


Although your friend may not thank you if they are on a diet, you could surprise them with the ultimate chocolate gift for fans; a chocolate fountain. Although it is something of a novelty, they can be great fun for small get-togethers with friends.


If you are feeling guilty for blowing someone’s diet then try to give them a recipe for healthy homemade chocolate as well. 


Christmas truly is a time to be merry, and many people find great joy in giving gifts to their families and friends. When choosing a gift this year, look for something that will keep on giving.


If your loved one has any interest in food or drink, then you should have no problem in finding something that they will be overjoyed to receive on Christmas Day.

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